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One-of-a-kind exclusive hand woven hat in natural mawisa palm straw and colors blue, turquoise and silver, decorated with multicolored band and charming cotton pom poms. The design of this hat is inspired by Toushi in the ritual of the guajiro represents the protector of the earth.

Our beautiful hats is Handwoven in Venezuela. Each hat take 3 or more days to handwoven depending of the design, this beautiful "Piece of Art" is woven by hand using techniques passed down for centuries from generation to generation.
Treat yourself with this sustainably-made exotic hat my Putchi.
Each Sustainable fashion purchase goes back into the community to help empower our artisans and break the cycle of extreme poverty in Venezuela.

100% Mawisa Palm straw
Removable braided band with pom pom accents
Maple wood Turtle logo

SIZE 57-58 CM - M / L

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